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"Capturing the moments that will take you back and move you still... "

About Me 

I am an Israeli-based Professional Photographer since 2007. 

Over the years I specialized in real life photography, weddings and special occasions, kids and families

My love of photography began at the young age of 12, when I inherited my late father's film SLR camera.
It immediately felt right as I learned to create and visualize and to dare to try new things

During the years that followed I finished my B.A in Business, and got married. I am now the proud father of three beautiful children. All those years and experience made me realize that I feel most comfortable when I am behind the camera capturing your special moments..

My goal is to capture, with my toolbox of skills and sensitivity, those pictures that will take you back and move you forward

I speak both Hebrew and English and will love to serve you on your visit to ISRAEL and abroad


Let's talk

Mevasseret Zion, ISRAEL

Tel: +972-50-9527272



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